A fascination with silver lured Daniel and Serga Nadler onto a global quest spanning many years and countries. Their search for authentic tribal and ethnic jewelry led to the realization that fashion everywhere rules both costumes and accessories. To the famous dictum of male sartorial elegance:  “Clothing makes the man,” the authors add: “and jewelry defines the woman.”

Their quest’s outcome is this magnificent volume viewing adornments through the prism of fashion. It also details a series of indefatigable and often humorous journeys as the authors scour markets, villages, and shops in search of extraordinary silver jewelry and accessories.

From the Foreword written by Tiffany & Co.’s Design Director, John Loring, a noted silver jewelry expert in his own right, plus a brilliant Introduction by Harold Koda, Curator of the Costume Institute at New York’s Metropolitan Museum, to a discussion with the fashion world’s icon, Oscar de la Renta, silver’s reputation as a precious metal is undeniable.

The book opens with the chapter Accessorize ! The reader then joins the authors’ travels around the globe, discussing their search for silver and the local customs, workmanships and styles. Their tale explores silver’s traditions in Egypt; Tunisia; the Western Maghreb; the Middle East; Greece and Turkey; Russia and the Caucasus; Turkmenistan; the Indian Subcontinent; the Indonesian Archipelago; the nationalities of Southeast Asia (Burma, Thailand, and Southern China); the Indians of the American Southwest; Mexico, and concludes with contemporary designers.

The Nadlers’ collection is stunning and the journey which the reader is taken on is, like the pieces themselves, truly magnificent !

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